Talk to a Solar Specialist

Take Control Back

Get Protection From Outages

Talk to a Solar Specialist

Take Control Back

Get Protection From Outages

Why do your neighbors have Solar?

  1. They want control over their power, instead of the electric company calling the shots!
  2. They’re sick and tired of electricity price hikes, and they understand that they won’t stop raising rates.
  3. They want to invest in their own home and family, and be self sufficient!

Your electric costs are going up, and the long term numbers aren’t good.

We can help!

When done right, solar energy with or without battery backup is an amazing solution that can save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a system!

Hi, I’m Erin

I feel your pain. I got my start working for one of the big companies. Between their incredibly shady sales tactics, and the big energy monopolies, I became very passionate about starting SunForge Energy and helping hundreds of homes and businesses to go solar.

Me team and I are here to help you understand solar. No BS.

We walk you through the process, without pushy sales tactics


5 Star Reviews across all platforms.
We put homeowners first, and it shows!

“What a delightful experience meeting with Erin from SunForge. Her experience and knowledge of solar was enlightening. She educated us on the process of solar. There was no pressure sales. It was a complete customer satisfaction meeting and we will be going with SunForge for our Solar needs. Felt so at ease and we know that we will be taken care of for years to come.”

D. Duda

“Erin is a breath of fresh air. She was extremely informative and didn’t try to over sell us. There are so many shady solar companies, SunForge Energy is not one of them. Erin was extremely honest and guided us in the right direction. We are very excited to keep working with Erin and for our new solar system!!”

Rodney B.

“Erin and SunForge Energy were a complete pleasure to work with for my solar project. It was SO easy and SO professional. I would work with Erin over and over again if I could. She is very intelligent and will explain everything! I’ve had some very bad experiences with past solar companies. There are many out there that will do a bait and switch on you. Not SunForge. They are legit as it comes.

The whole process was smooth and very professional. Erin walked us through everything. Everything she said is what happens. She really cares and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who lives here in Florida because you all need solar and SunForge is the company to use. Thank you so much for everything Erin!!!”

Ethan N.

Solar DOESN’T have to go on your roof!

While any properly installed solar system should NOT leak, and we have NEVER had a client complain of a leak caused by their solar installation, many homeowners prefer to explore other options.

We have several different types of pergolas/pavilion structures, as well as traditional ground mount structures, for those homeowners with enough space on their property. Request a consultation so that we can go over the options for your home!

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