We use education and straight talk to help you make the right solar system choice for your home to take control of your power bill.

We use education and straight talk to help you make the right solar system choice for your home to take control of your power bill.

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Protection From Outages

More and More Neighbors Go Solar Each Day.

We know you want to take control of your electric bill! Most homeowners have felt the pain of rising electrical costs and are very curious about solar… but with thousands of solar sales people, many of them telling lies or simply representing shady companies, we know it’s hard to know who to trust. 

Our founder built SunForge Energy on integrity and honesty, to allow people to get a real education on all of the ins and outs of solar, so that they can make an informed decision.

You need to call us if:

We’ve been observing abusive pricing by utility companies for years, and we’re here to help.

At SunForge Energy, we believe solar is an amazing option, if it’s right for your situation. We have firm policies in place regarding education and disclosure, to make sure that you are fully informed on all the ins and outs of solar.

It is a very unfortunate that there are many companies willing to take advantage of homeowners by not informing them properly. With us, you don’t have to know what questions to ask because we are going to tell you what you need to know!

Service Start to Finish and Beyond

Our process is very simple, but thorough and effective.
Saving you time, headache and worry, we make sure you know what to expect throughout the entire process.

We build the exact system you need,
with top of the line equipment.

All of our main components include industry leading warranties,
and with our third party extended warranty coverage, we’ll make sure that you’re secure.

Solar Panels

We have a variety of top of the line solar panel brands that we use for our installations


Covering roof penetrations, extending your warranties, parts and labor and active monitoring
for 30 years.


Our expert installation crews are highly trained and knowledgeable in battery installation, the most complex part of a solar installation.


From microinverters to optimizers, we’ll make sure you have the right equipment for your situation.

Here’s what our Clients are Saying…

Whether you decide solar is right for you or not, we want to help homeowners to have a great understanding of whether solar energy is right for them.

“Erin was great to work with. She reviewed our energy bill, talked about our future plans, and went above and beyond to help us with title work. The installers were kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. We are geeked out over the app that shows us our energy spikes. Thanks, Erin!”

Poppy H.

“I highly recommend Erin at SunForge Energy for anyone considering going solar. She set me at ease with her honest approach, providing valuable education on products, installation, and potential savings. Erin’s advice was exceptional, even recommending that I wait to install solar until I replace my roof. I trust her expertise and will definitely reach out to her in the future. I absolutely recommend Erin and SunForge Energy to my friends interested in solar.”

Gary N.

“Erin is VERY knowledgeable on Solar. They aren’t like other solar companies that try to rip you off and hide information from you so they can just get the money out of your pocket. SunForge Energy takes the time to inform you on everything you need to know before starting the process and they have the customers best interest in mind. Erin is awesome and so is her team!”

9Andrew B.

“They installed panels on my rental property. Erin was honest and told me that it wasn’t a good option for my main house unless we got rid of the trees. So we had them installed on the rental. Process was very easy they handled all of it. Will definitely be using them again soon.”

Toby V.